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Routine Ultrasound/Prenatal Screenings

From Heartbeats to Tiny Toes

As a trusted partner in your journey to motherhood, we are dedicated to delivering professional, informative, and reliable services.

Our ultrasound screenings offer a detailed glimpse into your baby’s development, ensuring both the mother’s and child’s health is prioritized. From the first heartbeat to the tiny toes — every detail matters to us as much as it does to you. Meanwhile, our comprehensive prenatal screenings provide an invaluable layer of assurance. With precise diagnostics, we turn anticipation into certainty, giving you peace of mind as you prepare for one of life’s most beautiful experiences.

At The North Texas Center for Women’s Health, we believe in transparency, accuracy, and personalized care. Trust in our expertise and experience the unparalleled support we offer. We invite our Sherman, Dennison, Anna, Clotsborough, and Van Austin area patients to call us at (903) 893-1116 to schedule a consultation and step into this exciting phase of life with confidence, knowing you’re in capable and caring hands.

Routine UltrasoundsWhat it is

Embracing the power of technology and medical expertise, we utilize ultrasounds as a pivotal tool in prenatal care. That's why we place paramount importance on our Ultrasound Services — a critical tool in monitoring and assessing the health and development of your baby. We provide detailed, accurate, and informative ultrasound screenings by leveraging advanced technology and our team's deep expertise. 3D/4D OB ultrasounds are also available.

With every heartbeat, every movement, every tiny detail, we offer you a window into a world of wonder — your baby's world. This is not just a service but a commitment to your peace of mind, ensuring you navigate your pregnancy with confidence and assurance.


Our prenatal screenings stand as a testament to our commitment to professional, reliable, and comprehensive care. These screenings, conducted by our team of seasoned experts, employ the latest technology to provide critical insights into your pregnancy's progression.

Each screening will equip you with the information essential for a healthy pregnancy journey from early genetic tests to late-term ultrasounds. Trust our commitment to professionalism, accuracy, and care to guide you through this exciting journey.

Routine Ultrasound/Prenatal Screenings

Frequently asked questions

Ultrasounds allow healthcare professionals to monitor the growth and development of the fetus, check for any abnormalities, determine the position of the baby and placenta, and estimate the due date.

Prenatal screenings are typically conducted at various stages throughout pregnancy. Some tests are done in the first trimester, others in the second and third. We will guide you on the appropriate timing for each test.

Preparation depends on the type of ultrasound or screening test you will undergo. Some may require you to have a full bladder, while others may require fasting. We will give you specific instructions based on the test.

The decision to have prenatal screenings is a personal one and should be made in consultation with your healthcare provider. These tests provide valuable information about your baby’s health but are not mandatory.

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